The Solar Movement

The sun rises for a brighter tomorrow

Changing the game for decentralised energy

As of today, 80% of the world’s energy production is still based on fossil fuels, despite a willingness and urge among people to change that.

Barriers and priorities set in the wrong places have led to slower than needed change, with the result that a global rise in average temperatures of 1.5 degrees Celsius is already inevitable.

Younergy has identified three main causes for a slower than necessary adoption of solar energy development and has vowed to combat them:

  1. Reliance on governments to act rather than on self-determination
  2. Missing of funds necessary to finance solar projects
  3. Overwhelming administrative process for buyers of PV systems

By providing PPA’s, we are funding your solar installation and therefore give businesses and people the power back to act in self-determination.

But we not only remove the high paywall of a PV system, we also make sure that your solar installer provides you with a turnkey solution, so that you never have to get involved with administrative processes unless you want to.

What are the real impacts of joining the Movement of Solar?

Helps tackle climate change

It’s common sense that fossil fuels inflict large negative effects on the environment. They release large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus originating catastrophic chain reaction events worldwide. By cutting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, solar energy is one of the most effective ways to help prevent the consequences of climate change.

Energy customers

When you become a Younergy customer, we design, install and maintain a complete solar system on the roof of your company’s building at no cost. You only pay for the clean, solar electricity the system produces and will receive a normal quarterly electricity bill.

Solar energy made simple

Younergy’s contracting solutions are financially interesting because electricity produced on your roof is usually cheaper than electricity from the grid. Contact us and we will estimate how much money you can save.

What are Younergy’s goals to further expand the Movement of Solar?

Make solar energy boundless

Younergy has already expanded the Solar Movement over three European countries — Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. But we are far from being satisfied. We are deeply focused on empowering business owners worldwide to invest in solar and make a difference in their communities and the world. Therefore, Younergy is fully committed to expanding the Solar Movement into the territories of France, the Netherlands and Italy by the end of this decade.

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