Solar Financing Made Simple

Getting a solar project underway comes with unique challenges.

Even for established solar professionals and developers. Customers often experience financial barriers to access solar systems and we know finding financing can be a major setback

Grow your business by becoming our Solar Partner

Younergy provides financing for traditional commercial solar Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and community solar developments (sometimes, we also finance feed-in-tariff projects), ranging from 30 kWp to 4 MWp. Our online platform allows you to price PPAs for customers in real-time and if your project qualifies for funding, we’ll let you know within a matter of days.

But our most significant investment resides in long-term partnerships that seek to accelerate your business and allow you to focus only on selling and installing.

Financing a solar project has never been easier

Accelerate your business with our three-stage process.

Step 1:
Submit general project info

If your project meets the requirements, you may request financing for your solar project using Younergy’s online application. You can simulate the PPA rate and get to know how much Younergy can buy the project for.

After we confirm the project and the end-customer financial scoring, we’ll work with you to make sure all milestones are met.

Are you eligible?

Our focus is set on selling solar electricity to commercial customers under power purchase agreements (PPAs). In general, we acquire projects from 30 kWp to 4 MWp. In self-consumption markets, we require that the power off-taker consumes at least 70% of the electricity produced by the system. Our PPAs have lengths from 10 to 25 years. Rooftops must be in good condition and able to withstand the length of the PPA contract without major maintenance or repairs. The electricity off-taker should be the owner of the building where the system will be installed.

Step 2:
Obtain pre-approval and sign the contract

Once your project has been pre-approved, generate the contract and get it digitally signed by the end-customer.

Then, forward the contract to us and we will run the due diligence to confirm its full approval.

Our due diligence

If a project reaches pre-approval phase, it means that the underlying project assumptions have been checked and validated by our team. At that point, a PPA contract can be offered to the end-customer with an approved PPA rate. If this contract is signed by the energy customer, it will come into force only when the final project due-diligence is carried out successfully and the project reaches “full approval” stage.

Step 3:
Build the project and get paid

Once your project gets the green light, you may start installing it. We will finance the project based on pre-agreed milestones, operate the solar system and bill the end-customer directly.

If interested, you can also become a maintenance partner for the project.

Learn about maintenance revenue

We tend to rely on the installer of the project to keep helping us with the maintenance. Younergy pays a yearly fee that is dependent on the project size and that covers for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Advantages of becoming a Younergy Partner

As your financial partner, we provide you with an efficient and proven way of creating new revenue streams. By offering a PPA solution to your customers, you can not only access previously unreachable opportunities, but you also help them achieve their goal to reduce energy bills. And finally, as a qualified Younergy Solar-Partner, your business stands for a certain standard that can give you an edge over competitors.

Get your PPA price in real-time

With over 1500 solar plants on our platform, Younergy has extensive experience in funding projects and helping industry professionals access new opportunities. 

PPAs are becoming the standard in mature markets where end-customers prefer to allocate their capital to their own operations instead of property or renewable projects. With Younergy´s PPAs, your company can offer end-customers the full “project + financing solution”, providing them with a flexible, clear and simple way of funding solar self-consumption. It’s that simple. 

Solar Partner FAQs

What is a PPA?

PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement. Younergy buys from you (the installer) the solar plant and signs a PPA contract with the end-user. A PPA regulates the specifications by which the plant is built, performance guarantees, energy rate the customer pays per kWh, yearly increases and the transfer conditions of the plant from Younergy to the user at the end of the contract.

What size installations do you finance?

Our PPAs range from 30 kWp to 4 MW. 

What sectors are you interested in?

We have experience in working with all sectors, however, we’re currently not providing financing for detached and semi-detached residential housing. 

Does the end-customer have to pay part of the cost?

No. Younergy takes care of 100% of the investment.

How do you validate a customer?

Once you confirm the client’s interest we activate an internal financial scoring process to confirm the company’s rating.

How do you validate our design?

Every project is analyzed individually. In our Due Diligence process we will ask you to provide information that allows us to confirm your projections, costs and material you propose to use.

How long does your due diligence take to confirm a project?

Once we have all the required information, we take 3 to 5 business days to confirm the project.

Who pays for the connection costs to the grid?

We can include this cost in the project or the end-user can pay for this cost if they don’t want it as part of the PPA agreement. Grid distribution operators provide a technical and economical requirement document once the connection point request has been processed. This cost is specific to each location.

Do you fund carport structures and charging stations?


Become a Younergy Partner

Fill our application form

If you’re active in one of our target geographies, fill out our application form so that we can qualify you as a partner. Our partner’s qualification process can be as short as one week. Once you’re a qualified partner you can log in to our platform and submit your projects.

Can’t find us in your country yet?
We are expanding quickly and your country can be the next.

Join our movement to expand the reach of solar energy

Going solar with Younergy is not only a flexible and cost-effective way to power up your business but also a gateway to side with a larger solar-powered movement rooted in forging a new and more sustainable world.