A Quest to rethink Energy

Growing businesses through the expansion of solar energy to a a brighter future.

Our Vision

Empowering businesses, giving them the tools they need so they can transition into the world of solar in a quick, easy, transparent and cost-effective way is at the core of what Younergy is all about.

There’s no way around it: consumers and the planet demand a shift in the global energy production system and companies should be given the assets they need in order to step into the new age of energy.

Younergy has a solution to accelerate that process. Over just a seven-year period, we successfully expanded solar energy over three European countries — Switzerland, Spain and Portugal — making it easier for many of our solar partners to get financing for their solar projects, through a simple three-step digital procedure.

Our Mission

For the benefit of local producers, consumers and also the planet, Younergy strongly upholds the belief that solar energy is better produced and consumed locally.

Thus, it is Younergy’s cornerstone to decentralize solar energy production and allow businesses to embrace the movement of solar energy by giving them the necessary financial conditions to go solar.

Being fully aware of all the inherent complexities of getting a commercial solar project underway, Younergy transforms the often complex financing process into a seamlessly quicker, more flexible and transparent one. Our simple and flexible modus operandi of solar financing has led Younergy to establish a wide network of solar partners and investors who are currently contributing to a more energetically sustainable world.

Values we stand for


We want to understand the business and needs of our customers properly, in order to help them achieve their goals. We want to serve everyone no matter the project size, complexity or profitability, as well as keep the customers and their individual needs at the core.


By investing in long-term partnerships, Younergy is a stable and reliable partner that our customers and partners know they can always count on.

Transparency & Efficiency

Our solar financing process is transparent, quick and easy so that our customers can focus only on their core business. We are solution-oriented and always try to find better answers instead of more problems.


The world is changing and shifting the energetic paradigm towards a globally decentralized renewable energy production system is absolutely decisive to strengthen economies across the globe and shape a more sustainable planet. Younergy is absolutely invested in helping accelerate this change.


Younergy wants to be an inclusive and diverse company where people know they can be themselves.